Andy Buchan – Kingfisher Funk EP [Hot Gorilla]

Kingfisher Funk (Original Mix)

Kingfisher Funk (Reece Johnson Remix)

Kingfisher Funk (Chewy Rubs reshuffle)

The hairychested silverback DJ collective known as Hot Gorilla Records are back with their third love child.
Andy Buchan, a fast favorite of this blog since day one, is at the helm, with admirable assistance from crafty Reese Johnson and Chewy Rubs.

Kingfisher Funk (Original mix) starts off as a rave anthem, but twists in another direction once the horns kicks in shortly after the 1 minute mark.
Andy Buchan has crafted a joyous blend of rave, disco, folk!

Reese Johnson cranks it the other way. Full on House party for all your coins!
Maintaining vital elements from the original, Reese Johnson elevates it by adding a harder kick and ramping the speed to 125 BPM from 117 on the original.

Chewy Rubs certainly reshuffles his reshuffle. Percussions and bongos compliment the drums leading into the releases prime cut.

Chewy Rubs sense for structure and build up is flawless as always.
Only slightly ramping the tempo from the original. Focussing on the rhythm guitar and the bass, adding horns here and there this remix just does the business, and damned effective at that!

Andy Buchan – Kingfisher Funk is out on Juno download now!

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