Argentinian Disco king, Ladies On Mars, instigates a midnight riot with his ‘Just Enough’ EP. Three bonafide Disco slammers with unique crowd-pleasing abilities.

Just Enough is a tightly crafted Nu Disco delight with an almost Take It To Church kind of appeal! That choir chorus just sets it ablaze!
Add to that a Moroder-bass and some sweet piano riffs, you have this sublime slice of Nu-Disco peak time monster.

You’ll Be Mine starts off as a classic 80’ies track, and stays true to that particular vibe.
Sylvester‘s vocals sit perfectly on the boogie foundation laid out by Ladies On Mars.
This is the type of track that will clear the VIP lounges and fill the floor!

Ain’t Too Proud takes the classic from The Temptations to Funky Town, DeLorean style. A handsome rebuff with plenty to keep the hearts on the floor.

Pure quality on Ladies On Mars‘ return to Midnight Riot!

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