Montenegrian master editor Mitiko strikes again on the illustrious Disco Fruit label with a fresh selection of laid back edits, from the top drawer.

With a focus on soulful and opulent 80ies tracks from the era of big hair and music videos.

Can’t Wait No Longer is a neon tinged rock ballad, starting off the EP with style and panache. Big hair and thick eyeliners alert!

Eighties Lady is an R’n’B tinged swing beat belter, with Mitiko’s trademark tight beats. Again soulful vocals seep through it, making for a genuinely sexy vibe.

Hold Me struts sexy male vocals and attitude. A real lady’s pleaser! A deep groove gets the track going, until the soulful R’n’B vocals set in. Bliss!

My Sugar is a candy cotton Soul edit. R’n’B ballad alert! Mitiko rides this one with the ease you feel when cruising the beach front boulevard in a low ride, top down convertible from 1975.

Oaria Raio is a classy Latin romper with a deep groove, and the strongest presentation on the EP. This will sit perfectly in any garden party playlist or DJ set!

Straight To Your Arms boasts classic 80ies soul/pop shuffle of the best carat. Tons of percussions and a fantastic rhythm section in general, sets this adrift from the get go. Again Mitiko‘s choice of reference track is spot on.

Disco Fruit certifies itself yet again, as a super strong provider of quality edits!

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