Waterford, Ireland. Doesn’t ring a bell? Well it should! It’s the hometown of Get Down Edits and Stephen Richards, both prolific players on the Nu Disco / Edits scene.

Hot Digits bring you this handsome follow up to Making Music from 2018.

Acid Thing builds as a 80’ies/Nu Disco fusion gradually gaining a 303 driven synergetic bassline. Funky synths fingering and slightly askew vocal adds a quirky spin to it.

People Get Up (Original Version) yields a space disco coat of fur on top of it’s Nu Disco interior. Reverberated pads settle in the background and a carpet of funky fills are strewn graciously on top of the mix. Delectable.

Beautiful Sisters (Be Strong) stands as the strongest offering on the extended player. Italo piano riffs dominate the mix on this engaging and sensual caper. Lingering in the realm between Nu Disco and House, it fuses the two elements nicely.

People Get Up (Da House Getting Down remix) does exactly as it says on the bin. A Housed up reimagining of the Original Version. Tightly constructed, full of swing and 808.

Beautiful Sisters (Be Strong) (Fingerman’s Call 4 Unity rework) sticks out the tongue, Mick Jagger style, being a cheeky re-thinking of Richards & GDE’s Housey original. Fingerman amplifies the crucial parts, and spins it the way only Fingerman can. It again touches on his solid House roots, which you have been able to hear in several of his newer remix works.

Waterford has never rocked a House party harder than with this certified fresh extended player. Get Down Edits & Stephen Richards are good company for each other. No doubts about it.

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