Feverball is a show hosted and curated by Ladies On Mars and Gus Fastuca. But Feverball will be branching out shortly!

Ladies On Mars (Jonathan Douglas Braverman) will be launching his own record label in a few days.

The idea of forming his own label isn’t a new or hasty decision, in fact the idea has been brewing for quite a while. 

Since a few weeks into the current lockdown, Ladies On Mars started self-releasing some head turning reworks on his Bandcamp. Now he officially gives his next release a formal home, with a full distribution on all major platforms. 

“The idea of the label is not new; it’s been in my mind for 1 or 2 years. But I was waiting for the perfect timing to realize the idea. 
I never imagined that the perfect time would be in the middle of the storm, but it was. I realized I had everything I always wanted to form my own label of nu disco, disco and edits. 
Time (all the time in the world), desire, experience, contacts, and above all I had gained the reputation for doing it in the past year. These last months have given me the confidence to move forward! 
The design of Feverball was created by me. I am the creative creator behind Feverball, Ladies On Mars and all my projects.
I spent time thinking about what should make out the aesthetic expressions of my new label. Days of testing various designs passed until I finally found the aesthetic expression I was looking for! it’s perfect: “Girls and boys on roller-skates!”

– Jonathan Douglas Braverman, Ladies On Mars

Now Feverball Records is ready to shoot into audio eternity with a tight, new version of his underground sensation “The Night Is Gone”. It’s an eat-your-heart-out-burn-into-your-mind kind of deal. Rework perfection! 

Feverball Records’ first release Ladies On Mars – The Night Is Gone will hit Traxsource as a promo 08/14/2020 and will stay there exclusively until 08/28/20 when it launches on all major platforms. 

We’ll follow Feverball Records closely and keep you posted on its releases.

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