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Rene Raabe & Biroll make their debut on Cancún’s finest Mandrill themed label, Furious Mandrill Records.

Multiculture EP is right in the vein of everything Furious Mandrill Stands for: Solid beats on a foundation of retro grooves with a drizzle of glamour and glitter.

It’s a more mature sound, right up with their previous release, which for me ushered in a new and laid back groove from the Furious Mandrill crew, courtesy of labelboss Fernando Mendoza aka. The Funk District.

Raabe & Biroll‘s EP has four incredibly enjoyable tracks in different tastes and cuts.

I’m Sorry is a laid back R’n’B/Blues tinged stomper with a seriously infective groove.

Unity is more upbeat with another groove that draws you in and twirls you like a little tornado of salsa and loco-ness.

Turn Around rolls on as another upbeat jammer with piano riffs that builds into a Housey love affair.

The last cut on the EP, Free, is a blend of House and Disco laced with 10 megatons of percussions and laser blasts. The distorted and lo-fi’ed bassline just fits it so snugly. Easily the coolest cut on the EP.

An overly very enjoyable excursion from the Furious Mandrill crew. And how cool that they managed to secured this scoop from Rene Raabe & Biroll.

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