It’s crazy to behold these four tracks from Russian master producer, Valique (Vehicle/V’s Edits). Seraphi is out on Vehicle sister label, Walk Of Sound

Seraphi affirms just how detail oriented and perfectionist he really is, and stands as an awe-inspiring piece of original Nu-Disco ground pillar tracks.

Doin’ Me is a funky concoction of horn driven boogie funk with samba influences. A danceable and ear wormy piece of Disco kit that will fit any summer playlist like a glove.

Over The Unknown Terrain is a retro trip in the DeLorean back to the late 1970ies. Rhythm guitars, swirly synths and a boogie factor higher than the blast of a space shuttle lifting off catapults this track into Disco orbit. Bliss!

Across The Galaxy In Two Leaps is a upbeat Nu-Disco trip, as perse. A rolling baseline guides you into free space and swirls of psychedelic sound-colors swoosh by in a roller coasting manner of fashion.

Seraphi is the most electronic sounding output on this release. A deep groove, blip blops and a plunky riff on top of a shortened kick based drum loops sets this in motion like a death defying motorcyclist in a cage.

All in all this must exceed any expectation anyone might have had for the next feature release from Valique. For me, it will reign high in my year chart. A gobsmackingly fantabulous release!

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