Mexican party posse, The Velvet Stripes secures the next three tracks for your ‘summer-stay-at-home-mega-party’.

With their usual sense for the festive and upbeat ear-worms, they have assembled and mounted a three-headed monster of a release on Spa In Disco.

Traigo Para Ti is a classic party mayhem pounder from the two Mexican Disco-luchas, with Latino blood and attitude. The hook instantly sticks, the strings are epic and smell of sweaty polyester and cigarettes linger. This is how you go about a Disco Edit.

Magazo is a cool and sophisticated pool lounger with a slight alcoholic demeanor.
It’s the crazy uncle who drinks too many Margaritas and starts a party Tuesday night.

Asian Friend continues in the same track, and ramps up the party too simultaneously.
An instantly recognizable hook kick starts your party in a jiffy.

Sly sampling techniques and boyish charm have made The Velvet Stripes a true staple of quality in the Disco Edits scene.

This is no exception at all. It’s a crazy, tongue in cheek party with too much booze and a morning that came too early.

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