Last month saw Monsieur Van Pratt (Jesús Rodríguez) deliver a show stopping remix for Drop Out Orchestra’s top ten Disco hit “Tunga Stenar”.

Van Pratt is back with his solo debut on Discoholics Anonymous Recordings1984!

1984 is a funky, synth-laden homage to the 80ies with Monsieur Van Pratt demonstrating, that his song writing skills are evolving and maturing.

The overall feel of the song has a slight tinge of sunshiney balearica mixed and fused with notes of Latin-American influences.

Sauco’s remix goes full on Balearic, with a sun drenched sound directly from the balearic islands.
Sauco adds a glittering coat of pads and lush synth-lines yet maintaining the very soul of the original.

The breakdown is drop dead beautiful!

Get it on Juno Downloads! (On all platforms 2020.09.14)

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