Having first been issued on vinyl, Disco Fruit’s ‘Sampler 01‘ has been released digitally!

Hotmood – I Love To Boogie sees Hotmood hotmooding with a bad-to-the-bone-boogie, twirled, twisted and tightened to perfection from the Mexican Disco Jefe.

Evil Smarty – The Groove To Make You Dance does everything the title promises. Smarty unleashes a boogie of the stuff myths are made of!
The bassline is hypnotic, and instantly will send your head a-bopping.

Mitiko – What Have You Done For Me is a Janet moment you want to hear again and again. Master editor Mitiko tears off both stars and takes a leading grip on the demanding lady. 50 shades of Janet.

Loshmi – Soul Food ventures deeper, like a spy movie theme with a vengeance. Rhodes, space fx and tight ass groove steers this first sampler to a glorious sunset. Divine!

All in all top value for your buck!

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