Fingerman’s Hot Digits Music keeps churning out high quality tracks. This time Greek Disco connoisseur J.B. Boogie is drafted for a magnificent release containing four wicked Disco edits.

Black Gold launches with a tight kick and rattling percussions before diving into a brass driven Disco fanfare.
Proper action ensues with bluesy guitar solos and riffs, piano stabs and synths galore.

Lovin’ Feelin’ is more laidback with a jar full of sunshine inside.
All presets are set to ‘BEACH’ with filtered sexy sax riffs and steel drum-ish synth hook.

Funky Light keeps it down low. A classic post Disco revelation full of lipgloss and neon.

The Groove sees J.B. go for a fusion between Funk and Post Disco 80ies pop.
Brass and synths resided side by side in harmony and thus concludes this outing on Hot Digits for J.B. Boogie.

Once more, Hot Digits serves us pure quality. This should be in your bag for sure.

Out 2020.09.07 on Juno Download.

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