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Sauco is no unwritten leaf on this blog. His productions are clean, full and professional in all aspects. A true joy to listen to, no matter what style he engages.

On this three tracker on Feedasoul Records he’s joined by Mani Rivera. The outcome are three solid Disco edits with a level of clean production quality, that is rare in the genre.

Boulevard was featured in our radio show, Hot To The Touch a couple of weeks ago. It’s a classic edit with solid House undertones, which relies on Randy Crawford’s ‘Street Life’ as the vital element for its main riff.

More & More consists of a funky guitar riff and a 80ies tinged vocal sample, with added pads and strings, making for a sing-a-long party anthem.

Quick F is the title’s House track. Hard 808 kicks are eventually joined by a hi-pass, lo-fi filtered rhythm sample. The track is more loopy than the others, thus adding a completely different flavour to the release.

All in all a super-stellar release from Feedasoul Records.

Grab it 2020.09.11 on Traxsource.

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