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The Greek god of edits, J.B. Boogie, is back! This time on the super fine Mexican imprint of The Funk District, Furious Mandrill Records, which never fails to impress.

This release is no exception. Flavorful Disco edits, served nicely and elegantly in drinkable chunks of audio.

Piña Colada hails from the early to mid-seventies with a sound as distinct as the soundtrack from a blackspoiltation grindhouse movie score.
Funk licks and dialed back soulful pre-R’n’B lingerings swirl in the air. Bliss!

Cocktail revs the motor into party mode. Filtered horns and a funky bass hook grinds in, and Spanish vocal stems chant their way into the glass. Garnish is a Rhodes like keyboard lick that is accompanied with swelling rhythm guitar lick and Latin American flutes that pours gradually in the mix.

Cuba Libra has the sweetness of cola and the punch of the rum.
Again filters are applied generously and lo-fi sweeps things in and out of focus, swirling them left and right. Oh yes! The potency of the cocktails thus far is showing.

Amaretto serves as the desert to conclude the evenings heavy consumption of intoxicating servings from J.B. Boogie. Amaretto is a trumpet driven 70ies belter with organs, strings and a hi-hat ride to die for. A perfect way to end the servings, I feel.

Check out J.B. Boogies Soundcloud, and stay updated on everything fresh from the Furious Mandrill crew here.

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