Chest forward in a power strutting fashion. That’s Hot Gorilla Records on their fifth release. Once more Andy Buchan delivers a ravey belter of a track, with remixes by Jet Boot Jack and legendary Funk Edwards.

Voodoo Disco (Original mix) is much akin with Andy’s previous Kingfisher EP, which was also released on Hot Gorilla Records recently.
It’s by now obvious that Andy has found a very potent formula as a producer. The sounds are evocative of multigenres, and it’s really hard to label his sound as being one specific direction. This makes for some very exciting releases from Buchan.

Voodoo Disco (Jet Boot Jack remix) has the highly prolific Jet Boot Jack in his proper element with big room elements and a warm and solid reinterpretation of Buchan‘s original. More bass, more brass, more big!

Voodoo Disco (Funk Edwards remix) digs right into the spirit of the British rave scene in the early 1990ies. Funk Edwards builds a tracks with references to an era where glowsticks and boutique tee’s ruled the world.
This might not be one for the disco crowd, but try turning it up loud and you’ll be sucked in to this vortex of a remix.

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