Argentinian super producer, Ladies On Mars, has two brand new reworks out on British super label, Midnight Riot Records. Two tracks we’re happy to bring to premiere these two track, ahead of their arrival on Traxsource.

Burn Me Up features big diva vocal samples drizzled over a what can only be described as classic top selection Ladies On Mars style. Rolling bassline, funky stabs and fills and a full Motown feeling all over.

The Break lands in the same vicinity as the title track. Big diva vocals from the mid-eighties stud the mix with panache and splendor.
The bassline is less protruding in the mix, but really lays a solid floor in the mix. This will make you bounce even if you try not to!

Ladies On Mars keeps this fresh and crunchy, and consolidates his superiority as a professional editor and reworker.

The two tracks are top of the line, and ring out as some of Jonathan Braverman‘s best work this year! And that’s saying something.

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