Hello, this is your captain Ken Avalon speaking. The ground temperature here is about 9 degrees Celsius. Destination temperature is a sunny 27 degrees Celsius. 
Inflight entertainment today consists of a variety of the finest Disco cuts at the moment, preferably washed down with alcoholic beverages. 
Mid-flight we will be switching pilots. The seasoned and savvy DJ Supermarkt (DE) will take the stick and guide you elegantly into our destination: THE WEEKEND FEELING.
I hope you will enjoy flying with Hot To The Touch Aeronautics. You will find exits in the top corner of your screen.

DJ Supermarkt: djsupermarkt
Too Slow To Disco: https://tooslowtodisco.bandcamp.com

Discoholic Ken:

Rita Wright – Touch Me Take Me (Mauro Vecchi edit) [BandCamp]
Sauco – Carinhosa [Spa In Disco]
Andy Buchan – Can’t Hide (Creative Sauvce edit) [Hot Gorilla Records] 
Smashed Atoms – Lifted (Dub) [Hot Digits Music]
Casual Connection – We Want The Funk [M2MR]
Motte – You Got It [Re-Loved]
Romain Villeroy – Shaking It (Monsieur Van Pratt remix) [Electric Friends Music]
The Magic Track – Four Seasons [Furious Mandrill Records]
Lup Ino – Me & You [Discoholics Anonymous Records]
Ladies On Mars – Get On Down [Feverball]
Drop Out Orchestra – Sell You (Drop Out Orchestra Edit) [BandCamp]

DJ Supermarkt:

Late Night Workshop – Dreaming Of Summer
Jay Ru – Such A Long Long Time
Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee – Dance 2 da Musique
Dr Packer – To The Top
Mikeandtess – Keep That Same Old Feeling
Pookie Knights – Sweet Sweetness
Chris Grubizna – Love Me Tonight
Petko Turner – What’cha Gonna Do
Jack Tennis – About Cha
DoctorSoul – Hold Tight (Don’t Let Go Re-Therapy)

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