Samosa Records has yet to fail with their releases. One release tops the previous, and the amount of attention to detail is remarkable on all their releases.

The Funk District‘s Congalizer EP is far from an exception.

It was heartbreakingly hard to single out a track, because all four tracks are of exceptional quality, even for The Funk District.

I singled out La Rapina because it’s the closest to what I strive to do on this blog: showcasing amazing retro disco tracks of the highest quality.

La Rapina isn’t too far off the feel you’d get off a Furious Mandrill release, yet it’s genuinely Samosa. Obviously the two crosses similar grounds, which is obvious with this track.

A full-blooded Latino Disco experience with string ensemble, brass section and a lively and very present retouch by The Funk District in regards to added body and volume.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do it!

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