MartinMax & Valique delivers unparalleled Friday night party moods for your listening pleasure on Hot To The Touch on Prime Radio.

Valique is best known for his V’s Edits series on Vehicle Records
What he delivers in this episode is nothing short of breathtakingly mesmerizing!

1. Da Lukas – We Miss The Disco (Original Mix) [M2MR]
2. Platinum City – Nothing But The Music (Original Mix) [Midnight Riot]
3. Pölux – Disco Bounce (Original Mix) [Discoweey]
4. Brothers In Arts – On The Roads (Original Mix) [NDYD Records]
5. Peter Pc – Rodesia (Revisited Reedit Mix) [Plaizir Muzic]
6. Scruscru – Surfin’ On Hokusai’s Waves (Original Mix) [DOBRO]
7. Nina Simone – Save Me (Summer of ’76 Rework)
8. Parisian Soul – I Saw Your Smile [Denote]
9. mR GEE – Way UP (Original Mix)
10. The J Brothers – Stomp [V’s All Night Edit]

01. Valique – Higher Ground [Walk of Sound]
02. A&S – At No Cost (V’s Precious edit) [Vehicle]
03. Gentle Penetration – Little Love (V’s edit) [Vehicle]
04. Hot Toddy – Synthesise (original mix) [House Of Disco]
05. No – Lonely Heart (V’s Acid Disco edit) [Vehicle]
06. Can’t – Vitamin D (V’s Better Nutrition edit) [Vehicle]
07. Ken Rogers – Condition (V’s Jagged Sky edit) [Vehicle]
08. Rolls Royce – Rock What You Got (V’s Express edit) [Vehicle]
09. Valique – Across The Galaxy In Two Leaps [Walk Of Sound]
10. Valique – Love Hypnotizing (Wanna Be Free edit) [Masterworks Music]

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