A year has passed, and what strange year it has been.

Music has been the lifeline for all of us, more than ever.

During the autumn and early winter of 2019 my love for music was rekindled when I was casually browsing Juno Download. I hadn’t visited it for over 3 years at that point. I was on the look out for disco edits. I had found some old edits from by Dublin Aunts and The Players Union. I came across some edits by Dexter Jones, and I was instantly hooked! I began browsing the Nu Disco/Disco section regularly on Juno, and I found myself spending money on music again. A lot!

When I found Otros instrumentos – Calle De Dulcinea (Bobby Bricks Remix) I was so thrilled that I decided to start blogging again. I had stopped blogging regularly in 2013, and my old blog had a completely different flavor than what I was into now. So I had to find a name that summoned up the sentiments I was having about music this time around. Disco was my main thing. I was hooked once more. Discoholics Anonymous was founded! I wanted to share my addiction with the likeminded.

My Facebook profile had been dormant since 2013 too. I had 112 friends. None of them remembered who I was and what I stood for. So I had to rethink my strategies, and I had to forage for new hunting grounds to get my music. SoundCloud was a great tool, and I started networking with some of the DJs and producers I came across, who were playing the grooves I liked.

Andy Buchan was one of the first I came into contact with. My old pals from Drop Out Orchestra also helped me get back into the groove. I go back a decade with Daniel from DOO.

Blogging began picking up a bit. In December 2019 I had gotten so much back into the groove that I felt ready to take it to the next level. I purchased the domain and upgraded my SoundCloud. Now the bizz was getting people to check the blog. 

I posted  what I blogged on Nu Disco – Re-Edits – SoulDiscoFunk70, and slowly people began noticing. I expanded to more blogs, and after a while indie labels began getting in touch.

I felt I had to expand with a podcast quite early in the process. I had had a radio show on now defunct Pure.fm which was called Hot To The Touch. The name fit perfectly what I want to do. So in November 2019 I began recording random sessions with the tunes I had bought and downloaded. In February 2020 I was contacted by Yiannis Tsistonis from Greek broadcasting station Prime Radio. Would I let him play my mixes on his station? I of course said yes right away, and my working releationship with Yiannis developed into friendship. He’s pushed me to up my game, and given me technical advise. He has treated me and my show with a professional attitude and approach from the first day, and forgiven me all my blunders along the way. 

The workload of doing bi-weekly sets was hard, alongside the blogging, interviewing etc. I wanted to expand from bi-weekly to weekly. One of my new Facebook friends was a certain Martin Petersson. His mixes caught my ears quite early on. In May I asked him, if he was up for joining up and becoming my wingman on the show. I was super lucky that he accepted. Matin and I hit it off from the first moment, or so I feel at least. His mild demeanor and positive attitude has carried the show to become what it is today. Due to the current pandemic we haven’t met face to face. That’s my biggest wish for the new year!
In October we expanded to two hours, and moved to the prime spot from 20-22. We have managed to book some incredible DJs for the guest spots all through October till December, and we’re booked way into 2021 with an incredible range of guests!

I also want to extend my deepest gratitude to Stephen Richards, Ste Hendry and Mark Christopher (Goz) for their forthcomingness when I asked questions about show standards, community stuff and other things n00b. They are my audio family, my show brothers, brothers in arms if you will. 

I also founded Discoholics Anonymous Recordings in the summer of 2020. Dexter Jones was my first signed artist. My old friends from Drop Out Orchstra gave me a track called Tunga Stenar, which I pitched as a remixing opportunity for Monsieur Van Pratt. He obliged, and delivered a regular monster of a remix! He’s also been extremely helpful with guiding me with tips and advice on how to get the label off the ground. He also signed 1984 to me, which I was super lucky to get Sauco to remix. 

I want to thank Touchsoul (Adrian Dickinson), Sauco, Lup Ino (Fiore Lupino), Pookie Knights (Chris Jones & Ashley Ellis) and Ferdinand Debeaufort for becoming part of my little dream. Together we’ll create something special in 2021!

I mustn’t forget Igor Gonya, who’s given me countless advice about how to up my SoundCloud game and reach the proper audience. He’s been integral for how I look and sound today.

I want to thank my best friend, Jimmy Knudsen, who has stuck with me for over 3 decades. He runs an art community called ARTfora, which is going to launch soon. He’s the mastermind behind the fantastic cover for Discoholics Anonymous 1. He put the face on those sultry lips, that has been my logo almost from the get-go. I am humbled by his incredible talent.

Lastly I want to thank my wife Rebecca, who has been nothing but encouraging, supportive and my biggest fan. Without her, none of this would have been possible. 

You, my visitors and listeners are what drives me. Your likes, comments and streams of my radioshow and premieres is valued, each single one of them.

From December 7th 2019 up till today the blog has had more than 300.000 unique visitors! 

As a token of my gratitude I have compiled the first Discoholics Anonymous compilation. It’s completely fresh tracks by 17 amazing producers and bands. Discoholics Anonymous exists because of you guys and FOR you guys. I hope you like them, play them and direct people to www.discoholicsanonymous.com so the community grows and develops in 2021. 

If you feel like making a small donation to help with the growth I’d be forever grateful. 

Much love

– Kenneth Korfitz Tranekjer, aka Discoholic Ken 12/12-2020

Monsieur Van Pratt – Lovers: Jesús Rodrigúez IS Monsieur Van Pratt. Not many artists can boast a year like he can. 
MVP started out with edits, but launched his career as a full-fledged recording artists this year. A pinnacle has got to be his 1984 on Discoholics Anonymous Recordings. 
I praise myself lucky having gotten to work as much with Jesús as I have in 2020. He was integral in helping me out with starting up my label. 

Link: https://soundcloud.com/monsieurvanpratt

Sauco – Voices Of Africa: Early in 2020 Sauco released his phenomenal The Wiri Tapes on Rare Wiri. Cosmic Coin immediately stole the show and shows beautifully what Sauco is about. 
Later he released The Long Way Home on Spa In Disco, which is on the top of my list of cool tracks of 2020. If you missed his uncanny remix of Monsieur Van Pratt’s 1984 you’ve only got yourself to blame.

Link: https://soundcloud.com/meerblick

V’s Edits – Let Me Down Easy: V’s Edits stands for the highest standard in reworking and editing. Nobody re-touches like V’s Edits. We featured Valique/V’s Edits in early February with an interview on our blog, and another one on Hot To The Touch in November 2020. 
With his multi-instrumental approach, V’s Edits keeps on delivering some of the finest Disco out there.

Link: https://vehiclerecordings.bandcamp.com

Rayko – Give It Up: Genre pioneer and label-owner Rayko keeps on pushing the envelope of what’s possible, with his multi-genre releases on Rare Wiri. As a DJ and editor Rayko know’s what works for the crowd in a way that’s deeply rooted in his passion for nostalgia and knowledge of music. 
Rare Wiri is still a go-to place for us when it comes to amazing releases. Rayko’s own productions reign high as ever.

Link: https://rarewirirecords.bandcamp.com

Andy Buchan – Do That Thing: Andy Buchan is the only gentleman-editor out there. His sense of style and execution is amazing, and I praise my luck that I managed to swipe his entire back-catalogue before the big BandCamp “Let’s Kill Disco Once More” campaign.
Andy’s edits are up there with the best, and his tenure as co-head honcho on Hot Gorilla Records has re-invigorated the genre with some incredible releases this year.

Link: https://soundcloud.com/andy-buchan-0

Ezirk – Najs Try: Ezirk is one of this years fast risers. He founded his And Friends record label at the beginning of the year, and released tracks by Hotmood, The Velvet Stripes, Dim Zach, Monsieur Van Pratt, FabioLous Barker and J.B. Boogie. 
We featured his Romantiici edit in Spring 2020, and developed a tight friendship between our blog, labels and on a personal level from there. 
Ezirk is evolving as a true capacity when it comes to editing obscure Disco tracks. 2021 will be super exciting for his fans. ‘nuff said. 

Link: https://soundcloud.com/ezirk

C. Da Afro – The Essence: C. Da Afro is one of the most prolific artists in the disco/edits/nu disco genre. He’s a true man machine putting out a staggering amount of tracks at a pace that will leave most producers panting for air. The quality is super high nonetheless! Imagine that. He regularly posts preview video screenshots of his productions, teasing upcoming tracks. 
He guested our radio show/podcast back in October and had prepared a session to remember. 

Link: https://soundcloud.com/christosda-afro

Pete Le Freq – Love Freeze (Pete’s 16 Bars Refreq): Another fast worker has got to be Pete Le Freq. We featured an interview with him back in July where Pete gave some insights as to the origins of his legendary Alpaca Edits. 
Pete’s sense of style and knowledge of music is combined with a true crowd-pleasing ability that makes his Dancing In Your Kitchen series a true Corona attraction.

Link: https://soundcloud.com/petelefreqrefreqs

Alien Disco Sugar – How Long: I noticed Alien Disco Sugar when his Let Sunshine In edit topped Juno Download’s charts. 
I fell in love with his nostalgic approach and his tight, tight sound. 
ADS delivered this piece of laid back souler for this compilation, and I was elated when I heard it the first time. I still am! 

Link: https://www.facebook.com/aliendiscosugar/

Dexter Jones – You Want Every Night: Dexter was the first artist/editor I got to work with. His edits are some of the most polite love letters to the forgotten gems from days of Yore, and they actually quite nicely mirror his mild demeanor as a person. Dexter’s work was one of the main things that drew me to the disco re-edits scene. His love and knowledge of music shines through every release he makes.

Link: https://soundcloud.com/dexter-jones-disco

Igor Gonya – Communication: The hardest working man of the edits scene is Igor Gonya. He produces the coolest tracks, runs a handful of successful labels, a podcast and does amazing guest mixes all around.
He’s really put Russia on the Disco map, and manages to pull rabbits out of his hat on a daily basis. 
Back in February when I launched Hot To The Touch on Prime Radio 100.3 FM I had a regular spot on the show called Future Cutz which featured upcoming releases from Igor’s labels. Soon enough it turned out to be redundant. We play his tracks in almost every show in one for or the other. 

Link: https://soundcloud.com/igorgonya

Even Funkier – Dial It On Back: As an editor Even Funkier is a newcomer. He told me that the Corona crisis really help push him to the next level, and his contribution to this very compilation is a genuine proof of that! 
He DOES keep it even funkier than most others. 
He also has an amazing podcast of the same name, which is a soulbrother to Hot To The Touch.

Link: https://soundcloud.com/evenfunkier

Pookie Knights – All Knight: Ash & Chris from Pookie Knights are bundled disco energy. With their residency on Black Light Disco they have thrown some of the craziest parties with their energetic, soulfilled and personal sessions. As editors they have been featurd on the blog again and again, and I was lucky to induct them to my label as brothers in arms with their “Sweetest Sweetness” EP back in October.
All Knight proves once more what Pookie are all about: Da soul! Pookie does it!

Link: https://soundcloud.com/pookie_knights

Drop Out Orchestra – Octopus: Drop Out Orchestra and I go way back. I more or less witnessed their birth and rise to fame. Nobody sound like they do, and nobody throws crazy liveshows like Daniel and Inko from DOO. Daniel behind the decks and on maracas/whistle and Inko on slap bass. The roof is on fire, to say the least.
Never shy to be quirky, their entry to our Year 1 compilation truly stands out. Instant love!

Link: https://dropoutorchestra.bandcamp.com

Touchsoul – Cherri Lips: I will never forget when I heard Touchsoul’s first version of “Give My Love (Whenever)” back in April 2020. It was around then I seriously began to dabble with the idea of developing my own label. So in a way Discoholics Anonymous Recordings wouldn’t exist. Here he take’s Culture Beat’s eponymous “Der Erdbeermund” and turns it into a balearic House affair. Stunning.

Link: https://touchsoul.bandcamp.com

Mauro Vecchi – Lady Lady: Mauro Vecchi is the newst newcomer on this compilation. The Italian DJ and disco lexicon has been putting out some very talented and respectful edits over the past few months and having him here on the compilation points into the future for me. Mauro will be doing some great stuff in 2021, and I’m confindent that I can say: “Yeah, but I saw that last year already”. 

Link: https://maurovecchi.bandcamp.com

Musta – Sunny Days: Musta’s remix of Ago – “It Will Never Be” on Fulltime Factory Vol. 6 really drew me in. It was a great track to begin with, but the way Musta crafted it was just unbelievable.
I asked him for a contribution, and he was a bit queasy if Sunny Days would fit. 
When Drop Out Orchestra heard this track they were instantly lit! It’s Balearic, as it would have been made back in 1989. Musta will be a force to be reckoned with in 2021! Beware!

Link: https://soundcloud.com/gabriele-musta

Uptown Funk – Do It Again: Uptown Funk took to the charts via Rare Wiri’s Groove Edits EP back in September. 
This rave tinged entry is breaking a bit from the norm what you’d expect from Sam & Antonio, but nonetheless pleasing to the ears. 

Link: https://soundcloud.com/uptownfunkin

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