With the release of Songs From The Soul Kitchen, Slightly Transformed upped their game as a purveyor of seriously intellectual music experiences.

I have singled out Charlie Can’t Make Me as a core example of what The Secret Soul Society has achieved on his debut album, well aware that one song can’t convey a whole album experience. Consider it a pinpointing, a referral point of sorts on where to open this experience.

The Secret Soul Society is Cal Gibson, ex Neon Heights. With his psychedelic and soulful approach, he often draws in Pop and Soul references in his tracks.

Charlie Can’t Make Me is a stellar example of just that. With a hazy and haunting backdrop, it dives in the deep end of the pool and engulfs you with a thick blanket of audio waves, soothing sounds and a crisp coating on the exterior.

This does work on a dance floor, but there are so many subtle layers in it, that it screams out for a headphone excursion.

Songs From The Soul Kitchen was released 11/12-2020 world wide.

Check out The Secret Soul Society here:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/thesecretsoulsociety

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