Breakout recently debuted on our very own Discoholics Anonymous Recordings with his sensational Camboriu. I rounded up Breakout to talk about music, the birth of the track and what’s in store.

Hi Breakout! Tell us about the origins behind this project.
Maybe I grew tired of the past projects and I needed to work 100% on original stuff.
I just wanted to detach myself from the quality level of my past productions, new style, new quality, new project.

What influences, musically, do you rate as most important to how and what you create as an artist?
I am a 70s & 80s kind of artist in every possible human way.
I have grown up listening new wave / Romantic like Duran Duran and Gary Numan, and Gothic Post Punk like The Cure and Siousxie & The Banshees but, I had always this Dr Jeckyl & Mr Hyde taste in music.
The short answer to the whole question would be: in this project I am more focused in the Masters At Work side of House music and the Dr Hyde side is a very punchy and uptempo Italo Disco in the line of Den Harrow, Silver Pozolli, you know, pure Italo Disco.

You have a long career in audio. Which of your abilities as a producer is most important to you?
It took me ages to understand how producing music worked in the digital age of computers, I am analogue, but after 15 years of trial and error I reached the point where I am completely happy with the outcome of each production, I would play my own tracks proudly, something I didn’t feel in some past projects.

I had always this Dr Jeckyl & Mr Hyde taste in music.

– Breakout

What are your greatest aspirations as an artist trying to break it in 2021? I mean, the circumstances are quite unique at the moment. Do you feel inspired or dragged down by not being able to perform your music live?
Well, the situation is tough for the music industry right now, more than ever, too much online stuff and not many human to human interactions.
The fact that I can’t get the fuel necessary to keep on creating pieces of art sometimes feels like carrying a 1 ton bag on my shoulders. Human interaction and the huge exchange of positive energy in every gig is very important to me sometimes…

How does a Breakout track begin life?
Well, like always, with a melody in my head, I may have like 60 recording from myself singing the melody on my mobile phone audio recorder, you don’t want to listen those recordings lol.
But mostly I start with a simple melody and I start to add instruments/ layers, first the drums, after the bass and I keep on building the tracks from there, Camboriu started like a vocal Brazilian Samba recording on my phone, I had the melody in my head for an entire day, then I recorded that melody with the horns and 60 tracks later…Camboriu was born

Human interaction and the huge exchange of positive energy in every gig is very important to me

– Breakout

Most essential studio equipment?
Well, in the last 10 years I spent most of my time trying different gear, cheap and expensive and I reached the point where , what I have is what I need. I tried to minimize the amount of gear, I realised art is about limitations and I needed to create my own ones, now instead of 16 external effect modules, I kept 3, I needed focus on what really works towards my music and I am more than happy about it, but if I need to choose one, The Behringer Deepmind 12.

Dressed for succes!

When can we expect more of your excellent sounds?
I am finishing 4 remixes for a huge band from the 80s who’s coming back into the music scene with a massive amount of re editions and I am working in 4 new tracks that will be released from March onwards.

You have created a DJ set for us to enjoy. Tell us a bit about it and what went into selection and mixing for you to be happy with it.
I do craft my DJ sets very carefully. It sometimes takes me quite some time to select the tracks and the BPM.
Since I don’t use any software and I play all the Dj sets live. I always try to transfer the energy I feel while doing it.

Please enjoy this exclusive edition of Discoholics Anonymous Presents:

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