Sauco has been on everybody’s lips since his acclaimed EP Long Way Home was released on Spa In Disco at the end of the summer of 2020. It was on top of my personal list of the best of the best of 2020, and I still have it on rotation.


I approached Sauco about working together on Discoholics Anonymous Recordings. I lucked out when he sent me three of his most personal works. We worked out a three track EP which starts as a Balearic hymn for the summer. Descends into a Eastern infused droning EDM track full of ambience and thick mediterranean vibes.
The final track, Break Of Day, concludes this epic with enough pathos and heartache to make your headphones glow. It’s an audio excursion in the deepest parts of Sauco’s sound universe ever to be released.

Sauco – Sunkissed EP is out exclusively on Traxsource.

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