YSE Saint Laur’Ant lounges in solitude. It’s hard to uncover much about him if you trawl the internet. The music speaks for him though.
Today is a serious release, disguised as a playful persiflage over a variety of genres with cunning artifice. It’s a thinly veiled comment on modern living.

Fuck It provides the quirky and raunchy opener for YSE Sin Laur’Ant’s Today EP. It’s a flutey, cheeky and altogether upbeat start. It’s been played on our own Hot To The Touch as well as Spin City with DJ Goz. The magnificent Bombyce opened a recent mixtape with it too.

Up You Wake oozes of improv drumming, sound effects, a hazy sensation all held together with a great rhythm section. A jazzy vibed bass progression seeps through it and acts as a juxtaposition to the hazy vibe.

It Beats The Music dwells in a deeper and more tribal space. A rhythmic triangle chimes in a rhythmic base that pulsates and drives this into a space between Tribal Afro and Caribbean Dub traditions.
A playful piano comes in from another dimension and flows and vibes along with the tribal feeling.

Life opens with a spiritual, psychedelic monologue and kicks into a Daft Punk-ish concoction more uptempo than the other tracks. This is both a spaced out experiment and a crowdpleasing mid-tracker. Versatility is YSE’s trademark.

Too Young To Fail is a groovy, laid back uncle of a track. A SoMe comment opens this jiggy groover filled with Rhodes and jazzed up hints and one-shots and thus concludes the journey that Today is.

Hats off to YSE Saint Laur’Ant for this utterly sidetracking miracle of an EP, which both showcases his incredible versatility as well as being a savagely well-executed production all over.

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