Madrid based Rare Wiri has made it a mission to snag up unique talents with unique original productions.

Rayko Peña, Rayko among friends and fans, has done some serious work with getting hold of Russian sensation Ootkeen, who produces exactly what Rayko strives to achieve with his releases on Rare Wiri: Spaced out, dreamy synth, rooted in nostalgia and geek culture.

Comete Dance is a strange and beautiful mix of Balearic and 80ies Synth Wave, and it’s totally unique. I’ve never heard anyone sound like Ootkeen does.

Ethereal pads are drowned out in the background while Rhodes and a gentle, waving bassline intertwines with the rhythm section thus creating a solid, yet dialed back pulse for this dream of a track.

Ootkeen is soulfully related to Sauco and Valique, shining in the same solar system as the two. All three excel in this style, which I would hesitantly call Space Disco, knowing it doesn’t justify what they do at all.

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SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/mikeootkeen

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