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2020 gave birth to a horde of new, fantastic labels. 2021 is still rather fresh and wet behind its ears, but it’s already seen the birth of two new fresh movers when it comes to labels. One being Disco Lust’s rather spectacular Dusty Disko Records and the other being Mannix’ Dafia Records, which is based in Austria.


“I’m extremely happy to announce the birth of DAFIA Records, which will focus on releasing top quality Disco and House music with an emphasis on working with real musicians and exceptional vocalists. You can expect to hear material from industry heavyweights like Terrence Parker, Birdee, Phonk D., Andrea Curato, myself and many more in the coming months. We at DAFIA are all very excited to take this step and are looking forward to the journey ahead!”  

– Mannix Kling

First release is called Do It Right Now and is a collaboration with American singer Lee Wilson.

Mannix himself is first at the bat with his own Nu Disco tinged extended remix, which has a tight groove and some funky horns and an upbeat feel to it.

On the flip we find Fonk D throwing a more full-fledged House interpretation, which is slightly more looped and simplified, focussing on breakdowns, filtering and more subtle means to draw the listener into the soundscape and jump on the groove.

All in all this is a very solid first offering from Austrian Dafia Records, which we’re drawn to follow from its first breath of life.

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