Dusty Disko Records are slamming it at the moment with a rapid release schedule with hit after hit.

Label runners Disco Lust strike again with this night affair slice of prime time lusty disco steak!

Body 2 Body is a sensual, driving disco track with solid glaze of House to ensure a tribalistic groove of anthemic proportions.

From the first crash the track’s groove is present, relentlessly demanding your full attention.
A sly piano riff adds to the trance like, sensual groove that just keeps reenforcing the track’s deep, deep soul, with panache and glamour. Truly in the spirit of the mid-70’ies disco.

This is a track the is bound to please purists and innovators alike.

Mark my words: This is a future classic!

Pre-sale now on Traxsource, hitting promo on Friday.

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