Stoking fresh cuts from Super Spicy Records courtesy of Monsieur Van Pratt himself.
Mexican retroist Saint-Loup-En-Bray fires off this two tracker consisting of two original works.

Both are firmly rooted in the retro disco scene, but have also a beautiful robotic soul from the future deeply embedded.

Cou Cou is experimental, focussing on a bent bass riff and strings. A 303 is thrown in the veritable musical blender, and is joined by a shiny piano riff right out of the 90’ies rave scene. Sounds Cou Cou? Well it is!

Piango Et Rido plunges you into S-E-L-B’s sonic universe with a megaton of synths and beatbox that was stolen in a certain DeLorean back in 1984. This is innovative and retrospective combined and entwined to perfection.

Try something refreshingly new and dig a little deeper on this one. It totally pays off!

Promo now on Traxsource, world wide availability 02-04-21

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