There’s a perpetual sunny breeze flowing through the realm of Too Slow To Disco NEO. It’s called the The Sunset Manifesto. They phrase it like this:

“We are happy to continue to tell our story of THE SUNSET MANIFESTO! The world needs more smooth, modern, Sunset Disco/Nu-Disco to light up the messy times. 
This time we asked super funky french producer ANORAAK to do one of his signature nu- disco remixes for Kimchii’s “Windsurf” (original featured on THE SUNSET MANIFESTO), and this collaboration is another match made in heaven.” 

– Too Slow To Disco NEO

Stockholmian Kimchii lays down some lyrical bliss with his dreamy and soft vocals while the legendary Anoraak flows and grows a remix that perfectly fits in the Sunset Manifesto vein.
We complete agree with TSTD’s sentiments. This is a miss-this-at-your-own-perril release.

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