Moogy Bee (Luisen Merino) has been turning heads with his extravagantly cool productions the past year, resulting in a great ranking on Traxsource’s Nu Disco/Indie Dance scene.

Here he’s out and about with this spectacularly cool blend of Disco, Breakdance, Nu Disco and Indie Dance:
What’s That Sound (Hey Hey You) (Luisen Lipps Mix).
Cowbells from Lipps Inc and a sly nod to Les Rhythmes Digitales Hey You What’s That Sound (who lifted the key-phrase from Skee-Lo, who again borrowed it from Buffalo Springfield) set ablaze this stormer of a track. The rolling bass and the cowbell combine in sheer madness.

Moogy Bee has created a super-catchy ear-worm with enormous hit potential, which will also will sit well in many a crossover DJ-set and playlist.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Don’t take your eyes off Deponiente Records.

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