Rayko‘s Rare Wiri label has been going in a very cool and bold new direction over the last year.
They have been focussing a lot of energy on inventing a new sound universe. Manolo‘s (Roberto Rodriguez) Amalfi Drive fits the glove perfectly.

The sound is highly electronic with a hard edge that incorporates catchy melodic hooks and riffs too.
Amalfi Drive is a key example.
A deep, hard-edged bassline sets the track rolling from the start. It slowly snowballs into a incredibly tight, swaying boogie that oddly lives within the spaces between Indie Dance/Electro/Nu Disco and Balearic, a sound that Rayko has honed on his Rare Wiri imprint for the last year or so.
The package contains to great remixes too by DJ Rocca and Danielle Baldelli, which are even more electric.

I can’t understate how much I like this direction. It really adds to the sets I play, adding drama, change and surprise when dropped right.

Another thing is the auditive side of it. It’s perfect for some proper headphone excursions. You won’t regret taking the time out to dive a little bit in the deeper end.

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