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It’s been a while since we last featured Disco Fruit (here they sister-label Fruity Flavor) on the blog, they are keeping a stunning display of amazing Disco tinged tracks at all times, and is one of the go-to labels, if you’re serious about your Disco.

Although this one surfaced first time last year, this re-issue is full warranted.

If I was to explain what Hotmood was about with one track, this would probably the track I’d play.
Hotmood really delivers full boogie factor on all parameters.
Mr. Funkyman has a groove groove which is bold and funky, yet sophisticated. It sits incredibly well with the other stuff Disco Fruit are putting out, but really shines brighter than most.

I’ve heard this played in so many ways in sets, which goes to tell how versatile it is for employing for DJs.
If you are looking for a track to turn heads, generate a bolder groove-factor for your crowd, this is most definitely your go-to track.

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