Fresh on the heels of our previous premiere of Dirtyelements & Drunkdrivers last month, we have some more Samosa for your Disco needs.

Shamako delivers the goods like a player in a convertible, at the seafront, top down, and this track booming from the car stereo.

I Like To Love You is a slick and sassy piece of Disco carving for the picky bunch.
A tight beat holding it all together, flawlessly laced with some refined percussions. A bass hook cooler than Shaft on a good day. And strings. Lovely, gorgeous strings! Some well-placed brass stabs and the show rolls on chrome.

If you’re in business for some top quality re-loved Disco, Samosa Records once more delivers with this EP, which is the second in the Italo Disco Machine series. It also houses tracks from brilliant editors like Les Inferno, M.B. Edit and CeZar who all deliver some fiendishly clever edits for this new baby in the series.

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