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James Rod is back in Editlandia, which is a nice and refreshing to his juicy original tracks.
Hot Digits Music have signed 4 great re-edits from James Rod, and supply a tasty House tinged re-groove from edit wizards Fingerman and Chewy Rubs, who as always maintain a stellar level of excellence in their work.

Matusalem Robot is a nifty piece of late 70ies Space Disco of the sparkly kind. A plethora of improv synth solos combined with a steaming hot rhythm section sets this EP off at light speed.

Showdown mashes Hip Hop loops with Rod’s Space Disco formula, to a crazy level of intensity. At first listen it might come across as an oddity, but dropped right this really packs a punch. You can smell Fingerman’s scent all over this one. This is what he does in his sets, that only few others can level. Obscure references, multi genre mashups and loopy madness. This has Hot Digits all through its DNA.

We Celebrate maintains the loopy approach, less spacey, more greasy. Imagine Disco thinking it’s House. This is in essence a Disco track laid out as a House track. It’s both cheeky and effective.

Latin Ton Funk adds the final taste to the EP with a chugging jam with a brassy Latin tinge to it. Again it’s got clear House references to root it, more so than the other tracks on the EP, yet lingers in the Nu Disco soundscape, albeit it more in soul than in execution. A powerful crossover track for sure.

Matusalem Robot (Fingerman & Chewy Rubs Remix) positions itself in the same audio universe as the Housey contingent of the EP, yet adds another flavour. Chewy Rubs and Fingerman team up to create a crazy, loopy re-rub of the original, with a crooked Latin tinge to the rolling bassline they have created to it, along with a brilliantly rethought rhythm section.

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