FREE DOWNLOAD: Deodato – Keep On Moving (Lup Ino Rework)


FREE DOWNLOAD: Deodato - Keep On Movin' (Lup Ino Rework)

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Lup Ino is without a doubt one of the most cunning editors and reworkers out there.
The Italian mastermind has reworked one of my absolute Disco favorites, Deodato‘s 1982 “Keep On Moving” from his legendary “Happy Hour” album, which was released on Warner Records.

One of the things I really like about Lup Ino is his uncanny knack for laying down a really banging ground groove in his productions. And this is no exception!
Lup Ino goes for a big room House approach, which lifts this to anthem heights.

Check out Lup Ino‘s Disco-den over on his Bandcamp. It’s got some proper whoppers!

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