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Turbotito has been a favorite of mine for years. With his unmistakable sound and touch he’s also been an integral part of Poolside, Djosos Krost and Ima Robot.
His flair for blending electronic lo-fi sounds with lush bedding is sublime, and To Feel In Love is a stellar example how it works at the highest level.

To Feel In Love is a cover version of Lucio Battisti’s Amarsi Un Po, which was also recorded in an English version, which is the basis for this breathtaking version by Turbotito with Mirror Tree on vocals.

Mirror Tree delivers an emotionally sound rendition of Lucio Battisti’s sincere vocals, not veering off fundamentally from the foundations laid out by Battisti. They compliment Turbotito’s sound nicely and feel warm and present in the mix, reminiscent of Poolside’s vibes in many respects.

This is a fine, fine piece of summer breeze, nicely package, glossed and sparkled to perfection.

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