The mandrill is rattling its cage again, this time with co-culprits from The Velvet Stripes for another round of Mandrill Cuts, which with this iteration hits number 16.

We are served two juicy MexiDisco slices with a serious lashing of hot sauce.

Mambo Flavor is a screaming party ape with a demanding drive that leads you straight into a chanting dance frenzy utilizing a driving rhythm section, and African tribal chants laced with a Rhodesy bassline, synthed-up steel drum stabs and cheering from the audience. Brilliance and glory!

The Soul Rhythm dials it back a tad keeping it spicy. Here we have a brassy horn loop serving as foundation with a slight Cocktail-Disco feel to it. Jazzy notes and improvs are generously added, upping the groove-factor manyfold.

Furious Mandrill Records remains unavoidable if you are into serious Disco offerings with The Velvet Stripes delivering some of their finest cuts to date, and let’s face it, their standards are stellar.

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