Dexter Jones is let loose on D Town, right from the Hot Digits mobile straight out of Fingerman‘s Disco den in Belfast.
The result is a four-tracker that leaves you panting and exhausted as if you were hit by Disco hurricane.

Feel congas its way into motion, slowly and steadily, gathering momentum around the 1:50 mark where an array of Rhodes, celesta and rhythm guitar are joined by a distant flute here and there. An easy going piece that bears all the trademarks of a classic Dexter Jones edit.

The titular Down To D Town has more pound for your money. A solid kick/clap combo is soon fused with a funk-ridden groove that makes out the core of the edit. A fanfaric horn theme is laid on top and the Funk levels are increased to a dangerous level. Out of the blue a Rave-theme pad-driven hook is flown in. Brilliantly intoxicating.

Jan Jam is a Deep House/Nu Disco hybrid that just lingers aromatically and ethereal until it manifests itself to a more solid form. Stylish as fook.

I Want You Back concludes the epos with panache and style. A claves/clap combo filters in with synths and guitars, and a synthy Funk bass that just oozes slick coolness.
Sampled vocal stabs are swooshed around, like ice cubes in a tall drink. Effervescent and radiant.

This is an unlikely Dexter Jones joint, clearing displaying the array of his eclectic talents, harnessed and solidified by a cunning label that boldly goes new paths maintaining relevance and frontrunner-status.

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