Adelaide producer and DJ Dave Mathmos spearheads the upcoming Yacht Disco Edits 4, which was teased last weekend by DJ Supermarkt from Too Slow To Disco.
Dave Mathmos has appeared on 2nd edition of Yacht Disco Edits.

Oh Boy! You Turn Me On opens this edition of Yacht Disco edits and boy does it get things grooving from the first beat.
Mathmos’ sound is unmistakeable, with the emphasis on the oomph in the kick drum and the groovy and funky basslines this lines on perfectly with that description.

Mathmos extends this in proper 12″ style with a 7:18 minutes long mix that really keeps at it till the steam runs from the walls.

The brand new editions, number 4 in the series, of Yacht Disco Edits is out on Wednesday 7th of July 2021 on Bandcamp only.
It contains brilliant edits from the likes of: Twin Sun, DiCE_NZ, Delfonic, Even Funkier, DJ Laurel, Ferdinand Debeaufort, FF Edits, Touchsoul, Mauro Vecchi, Saltywax, Secret Soul Society, Those Guys From Athens and more. 25 red hot cuts ready to save your summer one Yacht Disco edit at a time.

Check out our coverage of Yacht Disco Edits 3A and Yacht Disco Edits 3B, earlier this year.

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