Greek swooner A-Sirr appeared on Too Slow To Disco’s Yach Disco Edits compilations a few times now, last time on the third issue where he employed the lovely Paola Barba on vocals.

Here the duo is back with a jazzy sunshiny Disco cover of Hall & Oates’ “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)”. There are a ton of covers and edits out there of this particular track, so question is: Did the world need another version? YES IT DID!

The percussions induces the right amount of sunshine vibe and are present from the opening note. The unmistakeable bassline riff is joined by jazzy keys and some laidback guitar improv licks.
Paola’s vocal delivery is jazz-infused and twirls itself around the strings and chords, playfully and present.

So here’s a cover version ready to be taken to your beach party, set to stun and jazz it up.

Grab it on Bandcamp.

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