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Our guest this week hails from Italy, and not much is known about him. Behind Lego Edit you will find Diego Lelli who for two decades has released amazing edits and reworks, also under his alter ego Delay Lama.
Lego Edit runs his own label called Lego Funk.
As a DJ Lego Edit keeps it funky and fresh with tastings from multiple genres from around the world. You’re in for a superlative guest mix from one of the finest in the genre.

Check out more Lego Edit:

Hour 1: Discoholic Ken

Galgo – For Idris [Super Spicy]
Rafael Yapudjian – Be My Love Tonight [Spa In Disco]
Midnight Magic – Beam Me Up (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) [Razor-N-Tape]
Disco Suicide Club – Sunshine People [Dusty Disko]
The Magic Track – Resist Temptation [Hot Digits]
Lex & Locke – Balandra [Samosa Records]
Ezirk – New Dance [Tropical Disco]
Dexter Jones – Need Somebody [See-Saw]
Moonroy – Queen Katana [Spa In Disco] PREMIERE
Sting – Englishman In New York (LBMR Revision)
Storken – Skogsdiko [Storkenland]

Hour 2 Lego Edit:

1 Act Of Sedition – Coffe & Cocaine (Bruno Belissimo edit) Aos 007
2 Lego Edit – Welcome To The Jazz Club (Coming Soon LGF 008)
3 LTJ edit – Track 2 LTJ 001
4 Shit Hot Soundsystem – Woah (De Gama Rebuilt) DFR 009
5 Backintyme – Prizmatic DIG IT INT.
6 Vagabundo Club Social – Ki-Kongo SAINT WAX 002
7 Robots Need Oil – Guajira (M Bass Rmx) ARCHER DUB SPECIAL 2
8 Dirtyelements & Drunkdrivers – Rio Dèja Vù (Ge Gama Regroove) LGF 011
9 Musta – Welcome To My Africa SMS 023
10 Da Lukas & Massimiliano Troiani – Ritmo Nera LGF 009
11 Lego Edit – Brazilego LGF 007

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