Daje Funk Records has been putting out astonishingly sophisticated releases for the selective audience.

With the Slam Dunk EP they are offering a plethora of Funk tinged cuts with a masterclass quality seal.

I’ve singled out the final cut on the B-side by Coldbeard. It’s called A Funky Situation and closes the EP the coolest possible way.

A rolling synth-bass and a simple drum-loop is soon joined by a slick rhythm guitar and a Rhodes-ish electro groove buried a bit behind in the mix.

The whole feel of the song vibes with a large amount of Funk, both modern and classic Funk at that. This blend is unique, and the only artist to compare it with that comes to mind is Stephen Richards, who also has a soft spot for this kind of groove.

You can buy the Slam Dunk EP (still pre-order) here: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/ronny-hammond-shit-hot-slam-dunk-ep/837169-01/

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