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This week’s guests hail from Debrecen, Hungary and have been on fire as a producer/DJ team for the past year. I am of course talking about The Magic Track.
With releases of Super Spicy, And Friends, Hive Label and Mango Sounds, to name but a few, Gio and DRJ have cemented their status on the scene.
You can catch their podcast The Magic Trackcast on their:


Hour 1 Discoholic Ken:

Sauco – Prana [Discoholics Anonymous Recordings]
Dim Zach – Shadow In The Sun [Midnight Riot]
Emmanuelle Kant – Bestinspace [Midnight Riot]
Bonnie & Klein – Notes From The Road [MMDiscos/Moon&Mann]
Sauco – Cosmic Coin [Rare Wiri]
Otros Instrumentos – Calle De Dulcinea (Bobby Bricks Remix) [Citizens Of Vice]
Saltywax – Ride On [Too Slow To Disco]
DiCE_NZ – How Long Has This Been [Too Slow To Disco]
Dølle Jølle – Balearic Incarnation (Original Mix) [Permanent Vacation]
Chris Rea – Loving You Again (Storken & La Mer Baltique Edit) [Soundcloud]
Midtgaard – Sommerfugl [Fantastic]

Hour 2 The Magic Track:

  1. Emmanuelle – Italove [Deewee, 2016]
  2. Midnight Magic – Beam Me Up (Each Other Remix) [RazorNTape, 2021]
  3. Brioski – Panic [Nang, 2012]
  4. Chewy Rubs vs. Fingerman – Maintain The Groove [Bandolier, 2019]
  5. The Magic Track – Resist The Temptation [Hot Digits Music, 2021]
  6. Musta – Welcome (To My Afrika) [Samosa Records, 2021]
  7. The Velvet Stripes – Mamba Flavor [Furious Mandrill, 2021]
  8. The Magic Track – Pambolero [Furious Mandrill, 2021]
  9. Addison Groove – F1nk [Groove, 2018]
  10. The Magic Track – The Underground (The Re-Magic Edit) [FREE, 2021]
  11. Eclipse – Makes Me Love You [Azuli, 1999]
  12. Second Crusade – May The Funk Be With You (Soul Crusade Mix) [Freeze Dance, 1996]
  13. Peckham Royalty – Minor Villain [Wave Music, 2002]

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