Rayko’s Rare Wiri imprint hit a home run with their release of Manolo’s Amalfi Drive EP earlier this year.

Now Rare Wiri is releasing a fresh bunch of remixes of its tracks.

I’ve singled out Sauco‘s amazing and compelling remix of the titular track.

Synths stacked and piled higher than trees in an ancient forest are the best picture on what path Sauco went down for his remix.

Manolo‘s original must have been a daunting thing to have in the back of your mind, when you’ve been assigned remix duties on this one, nevertheless Sauco has managed to pull of something truly magical.

The soul of the original lingers in this remix, but Sauco‘s ability to layer and build up a track is at the very pinnacle of what he has done so far.

Style and genrewise it lingers in the realm between Balearic, Electro and House.

On the remix EP you will find three other remixes by Rayko himself, Ilya Santana and Super Fu. Both their remixes are a credit to the package, which all in all boast a fully fledged bunch of remixes of original tracks that doesn’t come much better than that.

Check out Sauco

Check out Rare Wiri Records

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