Slync (Ian Stanford, also of Paper Street Soul) is releasing a five track EP on the acclaimed Masterworks Music label.

Slync‘s sound is always spectacularly detailed and filled to the brim with atmosphere and nuances.

I had a hard time singling out just one track on the Fantasy EP but kept coming back to the track called Stranger Feeling.

A slow and dragging combo of kick and bass shuffles the track into existence.
Easing into a stunning groove, layer upon layer of sounds are poured on generously, thus creating a biologically founded sound that is lush and rich.

The dubby nature of the track makes for a perfect crossover track, bridging several genres and in that way having the capability of acting as a conduit in playlists and mixtapes/DJ sets that spans several genres.

Fantasy is out 16th August 2021 on Juno Download.

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