The lads from Pookie Knights have gone out of their way to create something truly unique. A real treat for any collector of rare edits.

Rum Kutz 01 dropped on their Bandcamp’s merch page today. A USB-stick containing 4 highly exclusive edits created specifically for this prestigious, ultra-rare collector’s item.

The wooden encasement sports a phenomenally slick laser burnt etching of the cover art. Snazzy!

Rum Kutz 01 ultra-limited edition collector’s box

The four edits are all presented here in their entirety exclusively. 

Heart Aches To Come is a House stomper, an edit of The Four Tops Standing In The Shadow Of Love, with a thick 808 beat and ride, lush pads and a light drizzle of sparkle to collect it all.

Hold Tight takes Gino Soccio’s Hold Tight from 1981 get’s the royal treatment from the Pookie Knights with a gentle but firm tightening up and dance floor friendly restructuring. 

Set Moment goes Electric Boogie with a robotic and ecstatic boogaloo of Rochelle Fleming’s 1985 smasher Love Itch.

Super Mega Drive deals a massive, orgasmic finale to Rum Cutz 01 with an incredibly energetic revamping of Tina Fabrik’s Alive With Love A Love Letter. A rollercoaster of a track!

Four rum-punch edits and one punchy collector’s item. Get yours today before they sell out! Hot Hot Hot!

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