Hot To The Touch 100921 with FF Edits & Discoholic Ken on Prime Radio

Discoholic Ken is back to play the hottest tracks in the Disco/Nu Disco/Funk/Soul/Reggae scenes at the moment.
With him he’s bringing one of the most prolific Disco/Funk/Soul editors out there at the moment, FF Edits, on the guest mix.
Frank Cornelsen (FF Edits, or just Funky Frank amongst friends)has been releasing gorgeous re-edits on his Hearthis and Soundcloud. We’ve shared a few of them on our blog:
Check out FF Edits:

Hour 1 Discoholic Ken:

[EXCLUSIVE] DiCE_NZ – Balti More [Discoholics Anonymous Recordings] out mid-October
DoctorSoul – Solid Slider (DoctorSoul Funky Type Of Re-Therapy) [Bandcamp]
Gwen McCrae – All This Love I’m Givin’ [Ken@Work’s 2021 Nu Disco Mix) [DMC/Disco Mix Club]
Pete Ellison – Sound Of The Music [Discoholics Anonymous Recordings]
PREMIERE: G. Markus – Pocket Rocket [Daje Funk]
Wardell Piper – Legendary (Ali Aitken Remix) [Only Good Vibes Music]
Igor Gonya – Get Lifted [Lisztomania Records]
Gibson Brothers – Cuba (Secret Weapon Remix) [Redux Inc]
Super Disco Club Feat. Sadako Pointer – Happiness (Original Extended Mix) [Vicious] TBA
PREMIERE: Pookie Knights – Super Mega Drive [Bandcamp]

Hour 2 FF Edits:


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Get 17 (!!)free tracks on this year’s Discoholics Anonymous 2 compilation!


Igor Gonya – Hard To Believe DiCE_NZ – Lose your Love (Summer Of ’18 Lick)
Dexter Jones – Don’t Cha Wanna?
C. Da Afro – On Fire
Twin Sun – Love On The Run 
Lup Ino – Easy Life 
The Purple One – Partyman (Pete Le Freq Refreq) 
Ezirk – Here I Am 
G Prajekt – Don’t Give Your Love Away 
Mahotella Queens – Wozani Mahipi (The Loneliest Hunk Rework)
Andy Buchan – Sound Of Silver
Uptown Funk – Riding (Uptown Funk 55’s Too Slow Remix)
Ben Jamin – One Nite Love Affair (Secret Soul Society Remix)
De Gama – There Was A Time
Ferdinand Debeaufort – It’s Time
Pete Ellison – Let’s Get It On 
Even Funkier – Candy Stripe Legs