Hot To The Touch 170921 with Ken@Work & MartinMax on Prime Radio

MartinMax is back on the decks this week with an absolute scorcher of a show. With him he’s bringing the mighty Ken Walker aka. Ken@Work who’s compiled, mixed and loved up two fistfuls of his own creations, ready to be released on to your ears only. Exclusive on Hot To The Touch on Prime Radio.

Check out Ken@Work:

Hour 1 MartinMax:

Jorge Dourado – Amor Engraçado (Aroop Roy edit) [Bandcamp]
RobJamWeb – Lookin Fine [Waxadisc Records]
Art Of Tones – Brotherhood [PALP]
Super Disco Club feat. Sadako Pointer – Happiness (JARC Remix)
Naughty Daughty – Are You My Woman [Bandcamp]
Jamie 326 – Turn Around – (3​​26 Basement Edit) [Bandcamp]
Sirus Hood – Vintage Wine (Sirus Hood Edit) [Bandcamp]
Germannu – Fale De Mim (Delfonic Edit) [Notes On A Journey]
Hotmood – Love Bite (Original Mix) [ArtFunk Records]
Never Dull – Coming At Cha’ [Bandcamp]
Ferdinand Debeaufort – Funny
Lou E. Bagels + Winnebago  – Rollin’ Stoned (Original Mix)

Hour 2 Ken@Work:

Ken@Work – Disco Fever
Ken@Work – It’s Good
Ken@Work – Disco Is The Music
George Benson & Michael McDonald – What’s On Your Mind – Ken@Work 2021 Nu Disco Mix
Ken@Work – Grovers Groove
Ken@Work – Get With The Beat
Ken@Work – Disco Jazz
The Dukes – Falling in Love – Ken@Work’s Dangerous Dub
Ken @Work – Funk Rock
Maze –  Joy & Pain – Ken@Work 2021 Mix
Sharon Redd – Can You Handle It – Ken@Work 2021 Tribute Re-Groove
De La Soul – A Roller Skating Jam – Ken@Work 2021 Mix
Ken@Work – The Buffalo

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Get 17 (!!)free tracks on this year’s Discoholics Anonymous 2 compilation!


Igor Gonya – Hard To Believe DiCE_NZ – Lose your Love (Summer Of ’18 Lick)
Dexter Jones – Don’t Cha Wanna?
C. Da Afro – On Fire
Twin Sun – Love On The Run 
Lup Ino – Easy Life 
The Purple One – Partyman (Pete Le Freq Refreq) 
Ezirk – Here I Am 
G Prajekt – Don’t Give Your Love Away 
Mahotella Queens – Wozani Mahipi (The Loneliest Hunk Rework)
Andy Buchan – Sound Of Silver
Uptown Funk – Riding (Uptown Funk 55’s Too Slow Remix)
Ben Jamin – One Nite Love Affair (Secret Soul Society Remix)
De Gama – There Was A Time
Ferdinand Debeaufort – It’s Time
Pete Ellison – Let’s Get It On 
Even Funkier – Candy Stripe Legs