It’s no secret that Kristoff MX has a huge star with this reviewer. His work oozes of style and quality.

Black Mamba EP finds him back in familiar territory on freakishly cool Furious Mandrill Records with a three tracker that really packs a punch.

Black Mamba is a bastardly suave rub of hot spices with a chant-a-long potential that, if delivered at the right time, can blow up your dance floor. A gallon of Mambo and to shakes off a viper’s bite mixed with loco-Disco and fresh beats has this one dripping with it!

Awake snare drums its way into chant country and goes for the kill. This is a sly and driving piece of top-shelf Afro with a twist of Carolina Reaper rubbed on it.
MX twists it and turns it enough to drive his audience into a veritable frenzy.

Manduke lays it out percussive and firmly and slips effortlessly into a slick 70’ies groove straight off an add for a dapper after shave. Once again Kristoff MX employs a fiendish chant-worthy chorus that will have the floor buzzing.
Those percussions are just to die for!

Kristoff MX is in TOP shape on this triple-biter from one of the hottest purveyors in the field of dance music out there.

Pre-order it here: https://www.junodownload.com/products/kristoff-mx-black-mamba-ep/5260156-02/

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