The third installment in the ‘Highrollers’ series sees DiCE_NZ take the scalpel towards some Jazzier material.

The A-Side is a respectful, ultra-extended version of the Nina Simone track Baltimore. Originally a Randy Newman track, Nina covered this in 1978, and DiCE_NZ lifts it up with elongated string and Jazz guitar sections, a cool 100bpm, and a measure of restraint until the breakdown finally soars to the skies with lush, accompanying strings.

The flip side is equally as strong, with a visit to Donald Byrd’s ‘Think Twice’. A track that has virtually become a standard for samplers since A Tribe Called Quest took their piece of it in the early 90’s. This version is well worth a place in any crate though, super laid-back & cool, taking the track to new places, but retaining that expensive luscious feel of the 70’s, while extending and restructuring it for the needs of the modern ear – Combining the coolness of Hip Hop and the sophistication of Jazz.

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