Halloween is upon us and the fine lads from Twin Sun and Discoholics Anonymous are celebrating with this maliciously, fiendishly fleshed out edit to get you in the right mood.

Twin Sun are by now well-known for their massively succesful Fleetwood Mac edits as well as ending the year having released their work on Hot Digits Music, Too Slow To Disco, Discoholics Anonymous Recordings and Midnight Riot.

2021 also saw Pete and Jamie back in action DJing. Speaking of which you can catch them here, if you roam these parts or have stalking tendencies:

Sat 11th December – Market Yard Printhouse, Reading w/ Natasha Kitty Katt – 19:30-23:00 session
Friday 18th February 2022 – Troxy, London w/ Fleetmac Wood (Wild Heart Disco) – 22:00-02:00

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